The Fine Art of Extreme Couponing

I have not been a couponer in the past, but as I see all the money people can save by couponing (and I must say I am jealous of their storage rooms) I know it is something I need to learn.  So I figured I will learn and those who do not know how, and want to, can learn with me.

So the I have come across some blogs that just may help me learn a bit.

The first blog: Living Well Spending Less by RUTH SOUKUP

This blog not only has 8 lessons to new couponers like me but it also has the A-Z’s on spending less, decluttering your life, and many other life changes that make life easier and the tools to help you along.  I highly recommend checking out her full blog!  You can check out her blog HERE .

Another place to start learning is Amazons Kindle books.  For anyone with a computer or tablet, the Kindle app can be downloaded even if you do not have a Kindle.   It opens a whole world of learning.    You can get books free and up in cost.  You can check out the couponing books HERE.

Now the main question that comes to mind, and has been a big question that I have had, is where do they get all those coupons?  Well, the Sunday Papers is a big one, but they do cost money.  Some paper distributors will let you buy just the weekend and sometimes more than one subscription.  Still a money factor.  I receive the Wall Street Journal which carries the Smart Source coupons on Saturdays.  I don’t care for business world news myself but I get the Wall Street Journal free, which helps me save some money.  I receive the paper free through a couple sites that I can answer some really short surveys, earn points, and then spend them to receive my paper and a bunch of magazines free also.  Joining is free!  The first site is Rewards Gold you can sign up HERE  and the second one is Rewards Survey which you can sign up HERE.  There will be a time when you get all the surveys you can for a little while, but by then you will have enough points to buy the paper and some magazines subscriptions for free.  Rewards survey will send out invitations when they have a new survey, they usually have a new survey each week.

Another place to get coupons would be from your friends and family.  You can post on Yardsale sites and in your neighborhoods that you will be willing to pick up any unwanted coupons.   Around my area we have a lot of people who will use the coupons buy the products and then sell them on the yardsale sites.  Money can be made.  Recycling cans in your local post offices are another place to look.  Now these were a little more extreme but doable.

Next you have the different websites such as,,  and  These carry your manufacturers coupons located in the papers and online.  Your are usually limited to printing only 2 of each coupon.   Just click on each name to check them out.

Coupon clipper sites is a very popular way to get the many coupons your heart desires,  and it is the way that the extreme couponers are able to buy more of what is on sale.  These sites do the clipping for you.  There is a small fee for each coupon to pay them for the time they take to clip the coupons for you.  It usually is just a few cents per coupon, after all they want you to still get the savings off them.  This coupon clipper sites are able to get the coupon brochures days before they come out in the papers so that you can order and receive them by the time the coupons are officially out.  There are many to choose from just type in coupon clippers in your browsers search and find one that you like.  Some offer full brochures so if you want to really stock up, you can find those that offer the brochures at a good price.  I will add some to this post later.

I also recommend checking your favorite products social networks for coupons.  Some of them post coupons on Facebook and Twitter.  If there is a product you love, I would also recommend checking out there web pages and see if they have any discounts posted there, if not just give them a little email and see if they have some coupons available.  Always worth a try.

As I learn more on couponing I will be getting into the specific store regulations on price matching and what the couponers call “coupon stacking”, using more than one coupon per item.

So until later, we will dream of shopping!  😀



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