Sites Offering Products for Review

Freebies and discounts come in all shapes and sizes.  Some require just a simple form.   Others require a review, blog posts, Instagram pictures, YouTube Videos, etc.  The ones requiring a form are great, but the ones requiring more are even better!!   Many companies offer a full size product in exchange for a honest review.  These products usually would cost anywhere starting at $5-6 up to, if not more than, $30+.  When you offer to do a review for the company they will give you a code to purchase the product for $1 or free.  You try the product, leave a review and you get to keep the product.  This is what makes it worth it.  Free full size product to keep, who can complain?

Depending on the companies requirements, the review could be a sentence or two on Amazon or a blog written post (see my add-on blog A Grandma’s Ramblings Product Reviews ).  The more you are willing to do the more the company will send their items your way and  some companies are willing to pay in more than just product.  

First, it doesn’t normally cost money to get started, but where you are dealing with Amazon I do recommend joining Amazon Prime so that if shipping costs occur you will not have to pay them.  More companies are willing to work with Prime members for this reason also, it saves them a little bit of money.  If you have not had Amazon Prime before you can try it for free for the first month.  Prime will save you a lot of money, not just for product reviews but for some Amazing deals that show up in Amazon.  Don’t forget to look into the Amazon Mom (if you have young kids or a grandma with young grandchildren) and Amazon Student ( if you or someone in your home is going to college) for extra benefits.

Second, you will want to look into different websites that sponsor these programs.  This is what I will be sharing on the connecting pages. There are Facebook pages that also sponsor companies, but I have found it a harder way to get the products you want, and some can be a negative experience.  You will find some Facebook groups that offer usage of their Prime accounts at a low cost.  DO NOT do this. Amazon Prime allows you to share your account with four other people “In your household”, but not outside of your address.  If you share with someone outside of your address, or vice a versa,  you are breaking Amazon’s rules and could lose your account and get blocked.  To some this may not be a big deal, but the majority of companies you will be reviewing for sell through Amazon and you will not be able to work with them if you lose your account.  So please follow Amazon’s rules.

Third, get your product, use it, and always remember to post your review! 

It is that easy!!   Time consuming, yes, the reviews and blogs take time, but if you look at it mathematically….. You can receive $100 + of product a day, this is more than some people get paid daily at a full time job.  You will may never have to buy  beauty supplies, vitamins, and many more items again!   Worth it yes!!

Check out my mail for October 16, 2014



In this section I will cover the websites that offer product to review and certain requirements and info they may contain.  Pick and choose for yourself what will work for you. 😀

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